David Myers


David performs a variety of accounting functions. He specializes in tax preparation of Individual Income Tax Returns, Payroll Tax Returns, and Trust Tax Returns. In addition, he assists in preparing Corporate Tax Returns. He started his professional career in accounting with Milhouse & Neal, LLP in 2002 after graduating from Hickey College with a Specialized Associates degree in Accounting.

He excels in a deadline driven environment and can successfully multi-task while working independently or in coordination with other professionals. If someone has a problem or needs help, David is generally one of the first to jump in and offer assistance. He is a dedicated mentor in his profession and he’s extremely interested in the success and training of new co-workers. He enjoys being part of a team that works together to accomplish great things and believes that their achievements will ultimately result in a higher value to our clients.

David does not believe in job descriptions and that’s been a good thing for us. He believes that in addition to his accounting duties that he should always do whatever he can, at any given time, to serve the best interest of the Firm. If a problem arises or something breaks, if he’s capable of fixing it you can bet he’ll take care of it. Not only is he a rare breed of employee, he also has the rare traits of a classic gentleman. Many times, during winter he has slipped unnoticed to the parking lot where he proceeded to clear snow and ice off his female co-worker’s windshields so that they would be spared from the daunting chore; he’ll even offer to warm up their cars. He’s also known for displaying deeds of valor. Just recently during a freezing rain storm he noticed a leak coming from the roof, knowing that clogged gutters were most likely the source of the problem without blinking an eye he immediately grabbed a ladder and up to the roof he went to save the day. There is no doubt in any of his team members mind that he is The Employee of the Year!

When David’s not in the office he enjoys spending quality time with his nieces and nephew riding bikes along the Katy Trail. He also likes the adventure of exploring the scenic back roads on his motorcycle.