Client Bill of Rights


Our firm’s philosophy has been built on the premise that quality services ultimately result in higher value to our clients. As a client of the firm, we promise you the following:

  • To conduct our business with the highest standards of integrity in adhering to the laws that govern our profession.
  • To provide unsurpassed professional accounting and consulting services focused on personalized attention which consistently help our clients not only achieve, but exceed their business and financial goals.
  • To ensure that our clients have access to us and to communicate with them with timely information to effectively operate their businesses.
  • To seek and understand the critical needs of our clients and take a proactive approach to minimize tax burdens and improve business processes.
  • To diligently guard the privacy of the information with which we are entrusted and to handle client affairs with strict confidentiality in accordance with the ethics of the accounting and consulting professions.
  • To have available to you a core group of professionals to serve your account ensuring continuity of service and a thorough, ongoing understanding of your needs. Should your designated contact not be available, you will always have access to a backup resource.
  • To cultivate an atmosphere of teamwork and mutual respect which promotes a climate of trust, innovation, and open communication among our clients and associates.
  • To strive to achieve excellence in all our client engagements. We will carry out our responsibilities with pride, professionalism and enthusiasm.
  • To deliver a high quality of work completed in a timely manner.
  • To receive a clear detailed explanation on how your fees are calculated.